Happy 1st Anniversary MyPelham.com!

Over the past year the MyPelham.com community website has developed to become a comprehensive on-line source of information about all aspects of life, work and entertainment in the Town of Pelham.

“We are basically a hyper-local, web-based yellow pages” explains co-founder, Cathy Berkhout-Bosse, “If you are looking for anything in Pelham you can use MyPelham.com as your localized search engine. Our social enterprise delivers internet exposure to all sectors of our local community – business, non-profit groups, service clubs, sports organizations, farms, churches, schools, artists- you name it – it should be there.”

Berkhout-Bosse and MyPelham.com business partner, Melissa Wells began building the community site last November in order to create a fully inclusive on-line environment where all community groups could share content and attract a common user base. In turn, all participants benefit by having the opportunity to cost-effectively promote their events, services and sales offers to a local internet audience.

“We are thrilled by the response that we have received from our local community”, the founding duo explain, “We now have 46 community business sponsors, more than 40 non-profit groups and several local bloggers actively submitting content. 1500 subscribers receive our e-newsletter every week and our site is now ranking #2 on Google for the search term “Pelham” – right next to #1 – the Town of Pelham’s www.pelham.ca

The operating team also provides promotional support to Pelham area businesses and organizations via social media. The MyPelham Facebook page serves as a free resource for local community members to share links and the pair also actively utilizes their MyPelham Twitter profile to promote local events and the sales offered by business sponsors.

One of the team’s primary long term goals for MyPelham.com is to create a sustainable, marketing resource that actively collaborates with other Niagara regional initiatives. MyPelham.com is now linked with Tourism Niagara, Niagara Economic Development Corporation and MLS-Niagara. As the marketing strategist for MyPelham.com, Berkhout-Bosse also proactively interacts with other regional organizations such as Niagara Parks, Niagara Escarpment Commission, the Tourism Partnership of Niagara and Brock University to further enhance opportunities for future partnerships.

“From Day One we stated that we were not simply creating a website”, Berkhout-Bosse clarifies, “We have established a social enterprise that provides long term economic development and tourism benefit to our Town. Our intention is to generate sufficient advertising revenue to function as a self-sustaining entity that limits the potential tax burden of Town promotion.”