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If you are looking for anything in Pelham we invite you to make your localized search engine. Our social enterprise delivers continually updated, internet exposure to all sectors of our local community – business, non-profit groups, service clubs, sports organizations, farms, churches, schools, artists- you name it – it should be here.

My co-founding business partner, Melissa Wells and I began building the MyPelham community site in November 2009 in order to create a fully inclusive on-line environment where all community groups could share content and attract a common user base. In turn, all participants benefit by having the opportunity to cost-effectively promote their events, services and sales offers to a our growing local internet audience.

We are thrilled by the response that we have received from our local community. We now have over 50 business sponsors, more than 40 non-profit groups and several local bloggers actively submitting content.

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Over the past two years our community website has developed to become a comprehensive on-line source of information about all aspects of life, work and entertainment in the Town of Pelham. also provides promotional support to Pelham area businesses and organizations via social media. Our Facebook page serves as a free resource for local community members to share links and Melissa and I also actively utilize our @MyPelham Twitter profile to promote local events and the sales offered by our business sponsors.

One of our primary long term goals for is to create a sustainable, marketing resource that actively collaborates with other Niagara regional initiatives. is now linked with Tourism Niagara, Niagara Economic Development Corporation and MLS-Niagara. As the marketing strategist for, I also proactively interact with other regional organizations such as the Tourism Partnership of Niagara, Social Media Club Niagara, Climate Action Niagara, Niagara Original Brand Advisory Committee, Niagara Escarpment Commission, and Brock University to further enhance opportunities for future partnerships.

From Day One, we stated that we were not simply creating a website. We have established a social enterprise that provides long term economic development and tourism benefit to our Town. Our intention is to generate sufficient advertising revenue to function as a self-sustaining entity that limits the potential tax burden of Town promotion.

At this time, Melissa and I would like to express our deep appreciation for all the community members who have supported our efforts throughout the past two years. We are excited to embark on another year of collaborative community growth and new development opportunities.

Pelham is a Niagara Tourism Opportunity

According to a Destination Niagara Image Survey conducted in 2008 there is a lack of knowledge of or appreciation for Niagara beyond the Falls and visitors to our area perceive that the Niagara region is weak for interesting towns, recreation, agritourism and the food and wine experience.

The study also identifies a peculiar “before and after” effect in that once people visit and are exposed to Niagara their perception of our area is much higher than those who have never visited.

The dilemma once again seems to be that while we know we’ve got it no one else seems to know about it.  I am reminded of an old Spanish proverb “It’s not enough to lay an egg. You have to crow about it.”

The Destination Niagara report goes further to say that it works better when we all crow together.  The study concludes that the opportunity for building longer stays in Niagara is by “coalescing fragmented efforts, focusing image and getting travelers to become aware of all the other experiences/activities that comprise Niagara Canada.”

One of the first critical steps to achieving this goal was the recent formation of a unified Regional Tourism Organization to manage tourism in Niagara. The objective of this new tourism partnership is to ensure that all of Niagara’s visitor attractions including those offered here in our Town of Pelham are featured in the Niagara storybook.

Our part of the story should include our cultural heritage such as the Fonthill Bandshell Summer concert series, Pelham Art Show and local arts/artisan tours; our boutique shopping destinations; our agritourism sector including the Pelham Farmer’s Market and all our many specialty retail food and farm destinations; cycling and car tour maps featuring Effingham and other local scenic attractions; golf and sports visitor packages and eco/geographic explorations of the Fonthill Kame, St.John’s Conservation area and Short Hills Provincial Park. 

Town promotion programs have a tremendous impact on local development. In addition to the obvious economic benefits of supporting the growth of and attracting new businesses and jobs to our community there are other less tangible—but equally important—payoffs.

A well planned community marketing strategy improves the quality of life as residents and visitors alike are able to take better advantage of local services and attractions. It also promotes community pride, which grows as more and more people work together to develop a thriving Niagara economy.

“Made in Welland” Marketing Campaign

Kudos to the City of Welland for the recent launch of the “Made in Welland” marketing campaign.

As local real estate professionals, our work of attracting new residents to establish themselves in our community is greatly enhanced by the support provided by public sector marketing initiatives.

The “Made in Welland” promotion program showcases the extraordinary successes of Wellander’s Anthony Lacavera, Sophia Aggelonitis, Terry Leon and Paul Beeston while highlighting the economic opportunity of locating businesses in the City of Welland.

The key strengths outlined in the marketing campaign include:

1) Strategic location within a day’s drive of more than 70% of Canada’s and the United

States’ industrial capacity

2) Skilled workforce with a sizable bilingual component;

3) Expanding highway links as well as railway and canal access

4) Strategic partnerships with Niagara College, Brock and McMaster Universities and the Vineland Innovation and Research Centre to help entrepreneurs

We look forward to including this valuable resource material as part of the community information that we distribute to all our clients investigating the opportunities available within the Niagara Region. We are pleased to provide the Made in Welland campaign with a link to our business website here and encourage all local companies and community organizations to consider offering similar promotional support to this exciting, new local initiative.