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Why Do You Live in Pelham?

We all have our favourite things that we love about living in our community. Collectively documenting the community assets that are meaningful to residents forms the basis for establishing a common identity. According to the most recent (2007) update of the Town’s Corporate Strategic Plan the opening statement of the vision for our Town reads […]

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Shared Benefits of Community Websites

BENEFITS: 1) Increases traffic for other websites in the community The larger the number and types of organizations sharing content, the more informative and potentially interesting a website is to a wider base of users. A portal environment will therefore generate and drive more potential traffic to other sites that are linked to it. 2) […]

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Happy 1st Anniversary!

Over the past year the community website has developed to become a comprehensive on-line source of information about all aspects of life, work and entertainment in the Town of Pelham. “We are basically a hyper-local, web-based yellow pages” explains co-founder, Cathy Berkhout-Bosse, “If you are looking for anything in Pelham you can use […]

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